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Frank Holder

I was traveling back and forth to Duke Medical Center
and noticed these interesting "things" along the way.
I asked at the local market and they said a man
named Frank Holder made these.

dinosaur1.jpg (8911 bytes)
This is what caught our attention from US 421.

spider.jpg (12686 bytes)

We then drove around until we found these along the side of the road.

daffodills.jpg (13499 bytes)
Steel Daffodils. I had heard of steel magnolias...

steel whale1.jpg (10266 bytes)
This whale is water-powered. As the body fills up it
tilts forward, causing water to shoot up from the spout.
Then it falls backwards and starts filling again.

dinosaurs.jpg (11408 bytes)
These look much better in person.

mermaid.jpg (16508 bytes)
The camera did not do this mermaid justice.

They told me Frank was a retired welder and makes these for something to do.




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