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Brooks Cemetery

Here are some old tombstones from the Brooks Family!
Please click on these images to see more detail.

Curtis ,

I noticed on your page that you have a cemetery. It is the family cemetery of the Brooks Family who lived in the Brooks Mansion. The mansion is now the home of Dr. Daniel Schumaier. It is located just west of the cemetery. To get there take the upper entrance of Blue Springs road, go past Jerry Weaver's Store the house I believe is the second one past the store.

The builder of the house and the first person of record who was buried in the cemetery was Ruben Brooks who was killed in 1862, during the Civil War (a very interesting story). The last person of record who was buried there was Donald Hyder who died in 1927. I have often heard my brother-in-law speak of Donald Hyder being one of his best friends.

The Brooks family did own slaves and I have been told by several old timers that there is suppose to be a slave cemetery there on the property somewhere.  Think it is possible that the wall around the cemetery may have been built by the slaves on the Brooks farm. They had about three years to build the wall before the end of the Civil War and their freedom.

Just thought I would pass the information along to you.

Dawn Peters